Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 5.254: Sink, somersault, she, sky, snake

I try not to do too much proud-parent stuff, but today I'll make an exception - with a side serving of "whaaaat?"  This was one of E5N1's suggested 'homework' activities: draw/write five things beginning with "S".

He asked Exile #2 for help with how to write the end of "somersault", but otherwise it was his own work.  I love the picture accompanying that word and the one bit of colour - required for sky evidently - and who thinks of "she" when looking for "s" words...?


  1. Cunning of him to sign his name "E5N1", too!

    1. He's well trained to do that - and to make it look like a bad bit of half-hearted photo-manipulation.

  2. And all along I thought he realised that was his nickname/nom de plume!


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