Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 2.267: Sleep: over

After TMBG yesterday, we took Exile #3 to a friend's house for a birthday-slumber-party. E5N1 and I stayed for a little while. My main contribution was to reply to the birthday girl's mom's, "Should I be scared about this?" with a heart-felt, "Oh yes!" Well seriously, eight girls aged between seven and nine for a sleep-over!?

By the time we left there was already sleeping bag carnage:

and the baseball bat sword fights were just starting:

Sixteen hours later I went to pick her up. She was at first very disappointed to see me - clearly still having a good time. When I finally decided it was time to go, she suddenly seemed very tired. Maybe having had at-most six hours of sleep compared to the ten or eleven she usually has was finally taking its toll? When we arrived home she went straight to lie down and slept right through lunch.

She did rally in time to have a good skating lesson (Exile #4 also did well on the ice) and we all had a good time at our church gathering. I'm slightly nervous about how getting up for the bus will be however!

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