Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 4.365: Daddy art

It's the end of another year of The Exile, today marks the anniversary of flying day and tomorrow the anniversary of the beginning of our life in New York.

I'd normally take this opportunity to look back over the year, but I have other plans in mind for that which are still a little way off so instead I'm going to look back to my birthday and show you what the kids made for me.

First, here's Exile #3's card.  It's me.  Running.  But, wait, why do I look so strange?  Because it's Lego me! In my running tights!  So good.

E5N1 also drew me, and also himself.  So smiley!

Exile #4 drew instead my iPhone, complete with game of Angry Birds in progress.

As well as the cards, Exile #4 and E5N1 worked on this book for me.  Exile #2 knew nothing about it, so we both enjoyed the surprise on Sunday morning.

Here's the title and the dedication (in case I was in any doubt who is was for):

And here is the story:

One day it was near Daddy's birthday.  The children were planning a surprise present for him.  The children had drawn a picture on it, then they made a list of things that they thought they should do for him.  Then, when they were finished, they started to blow up balloons.  Then they hung up wriggly streamers.  One morning it was the Daddy's birthday, the kids yelled SURPRISE! Then he opened the box...it was a popup book.  The End!

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