Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 5.012: Wow - it's winter!

I know we've had some very cold weather, and some snow but - whether it is the return from California or whatever - it really seems like winter at last.

This morning I repeated my cold-run feat but with added snow under-foot.  I'd been rather skeptical when I saw that Fleet Feet sold Yaktrax Pro that they would really work for running, but it didn't stop me suggesting them as a birthday gift.  Today I found that they work very well when I took my morning run to the deserted and not-to-partially-cleared roadways of a local park.  Traction was good - very good.  I was anxious to get home to see the family though, so I didn't do a very long run.

Later the kids played in the snow (actually the picture of Exile #4 in the top right was taken by Exile #2 yesterday) and called me out to take a photo of the chair they'd made for E5N1.

Taking photographs of things made from snow against a background of snow is tricky, so I tried a few angles.  When I looked at this one, I realised it didn't so much look like he was sitting on a chair as well...

Yes. That.

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