Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 6.022: Playing in the play-room

When we moved into this house, we gave the front-room over to become the kids play-room. It hasn't been used exclusively by them - we've used it for Rock Band night, church meetings, as a guest room and it's our regular Saturday-breakfast location.  However, last weekend, we made a major change - we moved some of the toy storage to E5N1's room and moved the computer downstairs out of our room to the newly freed-up space.

Since then, I've been gradually reinstating various pieces of computer-music equipment with a view to the adults in the house doing some creating and recording of music - something that's been largely absent from our lives for the last eight or nine years.

So we now have audio and midi recording capabilities and we're ready for some creativity.

I've promised to tidy up a bit now that I've stopped bringing more things in (for the moment at least)!

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