Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 6.045: What we saw at the Pine Bush...

It's not the most dynamic time of year at the Pine Bush Preserve - but I wouldn't go as far as another visitor who claimed to have seen nothing!

We ventured out onto the trails which are slightly disrupted at the moment - not by their regular controlled burns but by some more long-term changes.  We saw quite a few of these:

The trails were about as we expected - icy in places.  E5N1's technique was to run and keep running.  It seemed to work - the lying down picture was from a voluntary rest to wait for us to catch up - the rest of us took a more measured approach.

Some of the ice was crinkling like this and leaving impressive marks in the mud once it had melted away.

We also saw chipmunks, a blue jay, crows and chickadees - so I can report that the Pine Bush is alive and well.  We are also alive and well and happy to get out on the trails to combat the February cabin-fever.

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