Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 6.267: Um...nothing to see here

These photos went up at work today.

They were taken nearly exactly two years apart - one in 2011 and the other this week.

Most shockingly to me - I had already lost more than 10 pounds and started running in the first shot.


  1. Awesome! How many pounds did you lose total? And did you change your diet or was it mainly running? So exciting!

  2. I lost about 10 pounds (from the peak of mid 160s to mid 150s) where I was in the first of those pictures mostly through diet. Then I started to run, shot through my 150 target (top of the 'normal' BMI range for my height), stopped worrying about what I was eating, made it to 140 and finally 138 or so.

    A low mileage winter and month off from running saw me back up to 146 (still below my "target weight") but marathon training has got me back below 140.

    In all I've lost about 30 pounds.


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