Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 6.288: Fancy dress rehearsal

In the UK, "costume" is replaced by "fancy-dress" in phrases such as "costume party" and "don't forget to come in costume!", thus setting up the title pun!

It was both the elementary and middle school Halloween parties this evening. I photographed King Julien and the Empty Child on the doorstep before taking the latter and one of her friends to their middle school event (drop-off only) and then continued on to catch up with the former and Exile #2 at the other party. Exile #4 was at a post-school pre-party play-date (try saying that three times fast!), so I caught up with Artemis later in the evening.

All this is basically a dry-run for Thursday of course, when we will venture out to scare the neighbours out of their candy - or just say how nice it is to see each other (especially the kids) and then...please help yourself!

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