Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 6.285: E5N1's map of his life right now

Here's another page from E5N1's mind-dump.

On one side was a pretty good freehand map of the USA. On the other, the details that matter:

New York, with our town called out, and - with an arrow (perhaps beckoning us there?): Maine (if you don't get the relevance, you'll want to read this).  Why Utah features there, I have no idea.  Also, I have no idea why the top of the page is labelled as follows:

This Book Has Wild Animals!

No - really - I have no idea.


  1. Obviously he thinks you ought to come out and race in Moab, Utah with me! There's a really nice half marathon in March...

    1. :) I'll bear it in mind - but life is quite full right now!


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