Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 6.280: Exiled ME?

A while ago I learned that the job that had brought us to this area from the UK 6 years and - quick check of the post title - 280 days ago was coming to an end. After casting a job-seeking net - at times close to home and at times as distant as California - I have now accepted a new job offer. The trip to the service area selling lobsters was a clue.

The job is in southern Maine, near Portland and not far from where I took one of my all-time favourite photographs while we were visiting with my parents in July 2012:

Most people when they've heard the news have made favourable comments about how beautiful Maine is, some about what a cool little city Portland is. A few have talked about Maine as if it is the frozen tundra - and they may have some of that in the state, but the Portland area has very similar climate to Albany - similar amounts of snow, similar high and low temperatures, so I don't think it will be too much of a shock.

Leaving our friends, neighbours, the area, the schools and this house will be hard but we will cross those bridges when they come.  The agonising over the decision is behind us, and ahead - a whole lot of work!


  1. Good news: hope all goes well. More opportunities for exciting weekend trips to new places! Looking forward to reading about them (unless of course you've decided that after 6 years, you're no longer an exile!) N

    1. I think the blogging will continue - although THIS blog will probably be left to grow old and irrelevant.

  2. People say Maine is tundra the same reason people say there are earthquakes in San Francisco and perpetual rain soaks Seattle... to keep away outsiders.

    It will feel weird to go to an AOA party without your presence. But I'm sure all of the lobster will help make the transition easier. You can drown any sorrows in drawn butter. That always works for me, anyhow.


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