Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 6.282: Pump Station and Olde English

Some revisionist history...

This evening some past- and soon-to-be past-colleagues came out to congratulate me on my new job.  I still have two weeks to go - but that will fly by.

The Pump Station was very busy because (although it had passed me by) it was Restaurant Week.  We enjoyed the special set menu a lot.  I had some excellent corn & crab fritters, a NY strip with goat cheese and a piece of caramel apple pie.

It is perhaps surprising that our second stop was the first time that I made to the English pub in Albany.  It was strange to be in a British-style pub but tipping the bar tender.  We enjoyed the beer (although most English pubs do not serve beer in pint jugs these days!) and the British music selection in the jukebox.

A good (and late) night was had by me - and I hope everyone else too!

Due to popular demand: here's the original entry - written at 2:30 am or something that night...

It is perhaps surprising that this is the first time that I made to the English pub in Albany. It was for my farewell from the job that I still have two weeks to work at.
The beer selection and the decor are pretty much English pub - but I had to remember to tip the bar tender!  Their shot of choice - the pickleback - was a new experience too. 
Jameson whisky with a pickle-juice chaser - surprisingly palletable!

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