Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 6.275: Stanton's revisited

It was almost exactly a year-ago that we discovered the local pumpkin-patch fun of Stanton's Feura Farm. Judging by the photos, it was a lot colder that day than it was today when we made our follow-up visit.

We enjoyed the same fun - pumpkin picking, corn-box playing, a corn maze, a hay maze, racing tricycles, a hay ride and the straw slides in the barn:

We also sampled again their donuts - which were on back order and coming out fresh and warm from the fryer into waiting hands.

Once again, we didn't make time for apple-picking - but we did come away with all of this:

- enough to get us our $15 entry fees back and make us feel we were leaving having scored a bargain afternoon out.

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