Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 3.097: Cool - no trouble

The day started with a trip out to buy a replacement for our old and recently inoperative tumble dryer. While we were out I had a text to invite me out to lunch with a colleague and a mutual former colleague who was also one of the interviewers for my first software engineering job interview. We had a very nice lunch catching up on the last ten years or so and talking a bit of shop too.

The day was a bit dreary and wet and so we exercised a plan we'd had for some time to go and see How to Train Your Dragon. We had a great time - everyone enjoyed it and even E5N1 was able to sit still and keep his 3D glasses on.

Afterwards we realised that it was probably the first time we had been out to the cinema as a whole family since Exile #3 was born. If all our trips are like this, we should definitely go more often.


  1. This is a bit exciting. Is the opportunity here in Albany? Just curious.

  2. The opportunity for lunch was local - the job opportunity was in 1997 and not local to here no :)


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