Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 3.090: Easter summer trip

Our trip coincided with an extraordinary week of weather. The week before we left had seen daytime highs in the 40's (single digits Celsius) but, by the time we arrived in D.C., they were up in the upper 80's. Regular and long-term readers will remember that I coined the term 'Easter summer' to describe an early burst of summer weather in spring (the justification is geographical rather than calendar-based). Here is our trip route in detail:

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Nights were spent at C (3 nights), D, G, H and J (one each). Total mileage according to Google Maps was 1,359 miles.

Today was a quiet day. We had fun though - playing with E5N1's birthday presents - the pictured stomp-rocket, new chalks and T-ball amongst others and walking/cycling to the library.

It was a beautiful sunny day, but closer to seasonal temperature-wise peaking at 55°F. It seems that  Easter summer is over and spring is back for a while at least.

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