Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 1.107: Last day of summer

We made the most of the tail-end of this...what's the early-equivalent of an Indian Summer?...well if my calculations are correct (and they're probably not), Easter Island is as far away from India as you can get, so let's say...Easter Summer.

The girls made mud-pies and left them to 'cook' on the paving stones at the side of the deck. E5N1 played at the water table again. These pictures of him up to his normal inappropriate eating/drinking antics - yes pictures - catch him in the act! - were actually taken yesterday - today in the middle of the afternoon he was wearing just a diaper and a soaking wet pyjama top. Just then one of our neighbors arrived to say hallo - of course - and then Exile #3 came out wearing some dressing up clothes followed by Exile #4 in just her underwear. Exile #2 and I were fully dressed to introduce ourselves - I am happy to report.

We both had material to prepare for church - mine was a discussion on this (well those verses rather than that performance) and Exile #2's was a children's lesson on Creation. The first material she read suggested asking the kids to imagine if God had not created the wouldn't be able to see to play outside. Straight to the heart of the matter!
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