Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 1.088: Yves Ivan Juannes Juan

Happy Birthday Dude! That has been the catch-phrase of the day (say what you see...ye-e-e-e-e-sss!). By the time we had his birthday cake, E5N1 had already been in the bath having got completely covered in mud in the front yard this afternoon. He also ate a fair amount of it, along with sticks and leaves, perhaps that's why he was happy to smoosh his cake rather than eat too much of it.

After tea he opened his presents, well mostly Exile #3 opened his presents (Exile #4 had retreated to bed with a headache and fallen fast asleep, although she later reappeared). He really enjoyed becoming acquainted with them - definitely not an ignore-the-present play-with-the-wrapping child.

In order to spin out the birthday pleasure, would anyone like to guess what this is a picture of. No prizes for saying "A one year old" - in fact no prizes at all - but please comment - glory may be a guess away!

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  1. Well, the screw and washer make it look a bit like the glass lid of one of our saucepans, as does the glass itself, but the positioning doesn't look quite right.

    Hmmn, could be a timpani, but not sure you'd be coming across one of those in household that often!

  2. Looks more like an additional percussion player in the Rock Band to us - perhaps a snare drum?

    Happy Birthday E5N1!! and we like the title - esp when read out by Prof Hawking.



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