Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 3.110: The carnival's in her head

Exile #2 only gave me two instructions as I was leaving for this crazy trip away with our friend John.

  1. Don't go to Hooters.
  2. If you meet Kathy - tell her I love her!

This is Kathy.  I told her.

Her blog: the carnival in my head is one of the most inspiring ones I have come across in my online travels.  She is even more inspiring in real life and I was so happy to get the chance to meet her and pass on Exile #2's message.  The rest of the day was really cool too - you can get some kind of impression from my twitter feed.

We haven't been to Hooters either.


  1. Kathy Escobar is awesome! Love her blog

  2. Yeah - she's great and it was so good to meet her in person and chat about what we're doing and what she's doing etc.

    Also, in a couldn't make this stuff up twist, it turns out that her family has a running joke about going to Hooters - because they have great wings naturally - and she is *not* cool with that.

  3. Such a good talk. Hooters actually is a pretty cool place. So many good conversations to be had as well as wings to consume....

  4. The thing about Hooters was a joke...mostly...The thing about Kathy was not - I find what she has to say totally compelling and challenging and yet hopeful and grounded in reality.


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