Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 3.089: Harry Poppins Birthday Part 2

We are home. We arrived in daylight to find spring springing, the house still standing, the fish still alive and the home PC dead. Could have been worse!

Today's drive was long and took us through Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The kids dealt well with the long drive once again, although our travel-weariness did lead to a bit of grumpiness. One of the reasons they have coped well with the driving on this trip is this survival kit comprising a mains-adapter to provide an AC power socket from a car power jack, a multi-way audio adapter, a bungee and a piece of picture-frame backing board with some wooden beading attached to it. Combined with a laptop, this provided DVD entertainment on the long stretches. Today's playlist was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Mary Poppins.

When we got home, we had part two of E5N1's birthday - another slice of cake and the rest of his presents. He received all with great joy!

As for the computer, I think deciding what to do will have to wait until tomorrow.

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