Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 3.100: Tumbling again

I mentioned the other day that we were out shopping for a tumble dryer. This is a picture from our outing. Well, today it was delivered and installed by the nice people at the independent store we bought it from. They also had some top tips about our tricky venting issues. Also today, a painter arrived to tend to our external woodwork. We'd contracted him in the fall, but the early arrival of the cold weather put paid to his intentions to do it before the arrival of winter.

Painters also played a big part in my work day today as they are decorating the area I have to walk through to get from my desk to the 'rest-rooms'. Currently there is plastic sheeting everywhere including covering a make-shift walkway that we have to walk through. Someone said it was like E.T. maybe E5N1 can come and play the staring role - in his hoody he almost looks the part.

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  1. they did that plastic sheet thing in my office a few weeks back. i was desperate to squirt a load of washing up liquid on it and watch the fun as people slid over to the kitchen area.

    but i thought that might be rather 'career limiting' so left it as a thought.


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