Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 3.107: Breaking news...

If you haven't yet played the Breakfast Mystery challenge from a few days ago, this is your final chance, because here come the results!

Thanks to those who played - you were all right to some extent!  First the packet reveal:

And then the answers:
  • Five are organic - all but the bran flakes.
  • One contains 'high-fructose corn syrup' - that would be the bran flakes
  • One has 3 (Crispy Brown Rice), two have 4 (Weetabix and Cinnamon Harvest), two have 6 (Bran Flakes and Koala Crisp) and one has 12 (or more) ingredients listed - this was the only category in which the fruit-loop substitute (Fruitful O's) came out 'worst' and the least bad!
  • The most calorific has 180 calories per serving, the least has 90.  Cinnamon Harvest and Bran Flakes respectively
  • The saltiest contains 9% of the recommended daily intake of sodium in a serving, the least salty 0%. Bran Flakes and Cinnamon Harvest - the reverse of the calorie count - probably not a coincidence.
So there you go - a healthy breakfast? Not necessarily, but better than it could be I suppose. I tend to have the saltiest with a bit of the highest calorie option - which sounds like the worst of all.  But I alternate that with mouthfuls of the least calorific mixed with a bit of the least salty - so maybe I'm doing OK.


  1. It's like you have been raiding my cereal cabinet. I've been really into organic junk food lately. Turns out I am a lot less concerned about modest amounts of sugar, if it means whole grains without pesticides or GMOs.

    If my kids had issues with their weight it may be a different story. But at least the boy is long and lean, and the baby, well, she still has her baby weight. The pediatrician is unconcerned.

    And no cavities either. So sugar it is.

  2. Yes - it's much the same here. It was a fun exercise to look in so much detail and compare and contrast. Since we have both food allergies and intolerances in the household, reading ingredients lists is a way of life for us but there are still surprises to be found there.


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