Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 3.108: Birthdays

I received an email this morning it read simply:
Remember your Grandfather especially today, his 100th Birthday.

Here are a couple of pictures of the two of us.

He died when I was in my first year at college. He had been the typical much-loved grandfather I suppose - I have no recollections of him being grumpy or annoyed with us. In my memories he is kind and happy and quiet. I remember sitting up very late with a friend on the night I heard that he had died - very sad, but remembering happy times. The day of his funeral was a very hot sunny one. I travelled by train and got as close as I could manage easily and then called my Dad to come and collect me - he found me wearing my scruffiest jeans and t-shirt and was a little shocked I think. I had a suit with me though - but it was not a day to travel in a dark suit if it could be avoided.

When I told Exile #2 about the significance of today she reminded me that it is her Dad's birthday. I met her a year or so after Grandpa died, so this is the first time we've connected the dates. So, to my children's Granddad - Happy Birthday (I hope you had a great day!) and to my Grandpa - fond memories on this auspicious date.


  1. Those pictures are great! I love his hat & ties.

  2. That is a very moving tribute, thank you. I must work hard on my grandfatherly attributes....


  3. Sarah - funny I didn't even notice he was wearing a tie. The hat was very much a feature however as he was almost completely bald for all of my life.

    Dad - I think you're doing just fine!


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