Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 3.083: Capital day

We were in Washington D.C. from 10am to 4pm, we spent the whole day basically walking from place to place in the area around the Washington Monument.  We saw the Capitol, the White House, the Jefferson, Lincoln and World War II Memorials and a lot of Cherry Blossom.  Too much to write about - but here are some pictures.

All in all the day cost us about $23 dollars - not including the hotel room and some groceries - all the sights were free and we took a packed lunch. The only things we paid for were three tickets for the metro and five tubs of sorbet.  It was hot and sunny and generally quite wonderful.  As we walked back across the bridge into Virginia, we saw a bald eagle soaring overhead - the national bird over the nation's capital - it doesn't get much more American than that!  Exile #2 rustled up a very nice dinner in the tiny kitchen in our one bedroom suite - so we managed a junk-food free day too.  Not bad for day two on the road.

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  1. Washington DC was black and white in July 1953, but the monuments look just the same....


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