Thursday, November 28, 2013

Day 6.322: Thanksgiving - deep fried!

We were invited to a family Thanksgiving meal today. The four-generation family in question spans both this area and the town where my new job in Maine is located - it's a small world after all.

We had a great time - first with tending the deep-fried turkey (a very successful first-time for this gathering as well as for us!), then with sitting down in the amazing garage-turned-dining-room.

And later, playing pool (I cunningly showed some skills and therefore managed to avoid revealing my complete incompetence at darts) in the basement.

I believe there was football on TV and Jenga (with English-accents) and other activities, but they mostly passed me by. At some point we realised that more than 5 hours had passed and decided we should call it a day.

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