Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 6.055: "Books" and TV

Whether the school book fair and 'No TV week' coincided by accident or design I'm not sure, but we are enjoying enduring both at the moment.

The normal book fair rule is that we will buy one book of their choice (with our veto) and if they want anything else, they can use their pocket money.  This year E5N1 stretched the definition of 'book' to the limit by picking out this:

Well, it is a book and some LEGO - and let's face it I wholeheartedly approve.

Until today, he has refused to attempt to build any of the "Crazy Action Contraptions" from the book, preferring, along with Exile #4 to make various weird and wonderful creations from their imaginations.  I wholeheartedly approve of that too.  However, I was happy this evening when, in our no-TV, no-Xbox evening, he finally agreed to make one of them.

He seemed happy too:

Is it possible that he's planning something?

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