Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 6.053: A taste of history

I picked up some beer at the local store the other day, but realising I needed one to drink now I wandered from the craft beer shelves to the cooler to see what was cold and would therefore be ready to drink when I got home*. I was a little uninspired until I spotted this nestling next to the Sam Adams six packs:

It is actually a Sam Adams brew - a recreation of what they say is the first beer of the craft-beer revolution in America.  It was brewed by Jim Koch (of Sam Adams) and its original creator, Jack McAuliffe to the original recipe. The front label is also a replica of the original ones and does not mention Sam Adams at all - the beer is credited to New Albion Brewing Company - but of Boston MA not Sonoma CA where it was originally brewed.

The shocking thing is when this history happened...the beer was brewed from 1976 to 1982, just over 30 years ago.  Wow - history happens fast at times!

It's a very easy drinking beer - I can imagine it fitted right in when its creator took it to the UK for a CAMRA beer festival in the 70s.  It's quite an English-style beer - not overly hoppy, not very fizzy, but with enough flavour to hold the attention through a few pints I would imagine.  I may well buy it again!

* Yes I know - we Brits are supposed to like warm beer, but 'warm' really means cellar temperature unless it takes you too long to drink your 20oz pint. In any case, when in Rome...

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