Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 6.071: Mugwort pancakes

Our final meal before my departure was lunch in an extraordinary place. A small traditional house serving as a one-table restaurant. The meal was vegetarian - described by our hosts as "well-being food". All around the room and outside the small house were jars containing pickles and fermenting soy beans and other beneficial foodstuffs. It was also quite delicious especially the pancakes whose main ingredient resembled spinach but was, apparently, mugwort which we saw beginning to grow just outside the house as we left.

The name of the place was something like "The World You Do Not See" it was also a place you would never find unless someone showed you - probably twice.

After we ate it was revealed that as well as being a cook, the proprietor was a musician, artist and poet. After cooking for and then serving us she sang two songs with an ancient guitar of dubious tuning, I was pressed into singing one - followed by our host, so I did not fully escape the singing even though we did not have time to visit the singing room.

Here are some pictures.

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