Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 6.057: In like a lion making ice cream

Our very first March here was very snowy - the last big snowstorm of the year came through overnight before St Patrick's Day.  So we weren't surprised that it snowed overnight - although the amount was at the top-end of what we'd expected.

We watched as the school called for a two-hour delay and then, eventually a full snow-day.  The snow continued to fall.

And so it was that at lunchtime, we decided to do an experiment we've been meaning to try for a few years - snow ice cream.

So, we got bowls of clean fresh snow, added maple syrup (2 tbs), vanilla extract (few drops) and cream (1/3 cup / 80 ml) (we used coconut cream to make it dairy-free), stirred it up, ...

...instant ice cream.  It was good!


  1. that is very cool (quite literally).

    we're at the opposite end of the weather scale having had the driest summer for 50+ years in auckland this year.

    the closest food equivalent i could think of would be sandwiches with real sand.

    1. I have fond memories of real-sand sandwiches eaten on French beaches in my youth!


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