Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 6.217: Heldeberg (near Helderberg)

We took the opportunity to visit the Heldeberg Workshop where Exile #3 has been at art camp for the mornings of the last two weeks.  The kids all went there last year, but we didn't see more than the impressive views of from/of the parking lot then.

It's a beautiful spot underneath the Helderberg Escarpment, the kids spend almost all their time outdoors and even when they are inside, it is in these very basic open-sided shelters for the most part.  A great antidote for the classroom-bound lives they live during the school year!

Pictured (left top to bottom): one of Exile #3's artworks, the art hut and the pond - that Exile #4 and E5N1 were equally excited to show us after their experiences there last year; (centre): two more artworks with the locations that inspired them; (right): the parking lot as we left (with sunset over the escarpment) and as we arrived.

And yes - I did check those spellings twice.

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