Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 6.222: WHOI and home

We broke camp, said goodbye to new friends and left our campsite this morning.

Instead of heading straight home we took a detour to Woods Hole - pretty much the furthest point on the cape from Provincetown where we were yesterday.

It's a fascinating little place - the embarkation point for ferries to Martha's Vineyard as well as home to several marine research organisations including Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute where we planned to visit.

We found a parking spot, fed the meter all the quarters we could find, had a very nice lunch and then went to see the who/when/why/what of WHOI.

The top picture is the kids investigating a replica of deep-sea HOV (human occupied vehicle) Alvin - something of a local celebrity.  The bottom right is, believe it or not, a B52s Rock Lobster moment with a "giant clam"!

It was a very nice visit - short and sweet - followed by the drive home which was neither short nor sweet, but was at least uneventful.

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