Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 6.220: Canadian/light

We had to break camp and move a couple of hundred yards to another pitch this morning (the penalty for making plans at the last-minute!). During the process we met the parents of the friends that Exile #4 and E5N1 had made and chatted with them for a while. My ear has got sufficiently tuned into a NE US accent now that I heard the things that the locals hear and imitate in Canadian accents in the conversation with these Ontario natives. I'd never really got what that was all aboot before!

After the new campsite was sorted, we had a round of the site's own mini golf and then headed out to Nauset Beach - mostly to see the lighthouse, but we managed some more sandcastle and wave-fleeing fun too. 

Today's random phone photos: going  down the lighthouse stairs and looking unhappy while the burgers were cooking (they were actually quite cheerful - if a little tired). 

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  1. In the second photo, we clearly see several of the thing that separate your clan from us amateurs who recently borrowed a pop-up trailer for the weekend: 1) a fire for cooking and a suitable grill to cook on, in case your propane grill goes out; 2) a rug or mat at the entrance to wipe feet or remove shoes; 3) a covering over said entrance & rug; 4) bins to hold & organize food & what not; 5) a rack for drying stuff; 6) no iPods or DS'es! HAH!


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