Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day 6.317: All play and no work

Today was my first day alone in Maine without work. I packed a few things in (including a nap and watching lots of YouTube videos!). My first adventure was a 13.5 mile run which took me over the Casco Bay Bridge to South Portland. On my way over I was passed by about 60 cyclists en peloton - the sound of that many bicycles on a steel draw bridge was quite mesmerizing for a moment.

My destination was the Bug Light - pictures here along with a huge ship and a view of Portland across the inlet.

The vast majority (9 miles) of the run was on park cycle/pedestrian trails, including the last section where I ran by this graffiti that I've seen many times in the dawn half-light.

When I saw it on my very first run, I though the first message, "Maine - don't worry - Fall is fantastic here!!" was just for me.  The rest of the artwork is really rather impressive!

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