Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 6.323: Fair Trade and unfair trades

This morning, we had a long-ish walk in the cold, visited the Bethlehem Fair Trade Market where we chatted with some friends and did some Christmas shopping - not exactly classic Black Friday bargain-hunting perhaps. There is still time for some more FT shopping at the excellent and varied market tomorrow.

After that, we felt the need to really get the financial wheels turning, so we (except for E5N1) played a long and intense game of Monopoly.  The one true version from the streets of London of course.

Exile #3 was the first to go out. Knowing a good thing when she saw it, she then teamed up with Exile #2. For a while they seemed unbeatable, but then I exercised my right to do any deal I saw fit, by donating all my property to Exile #4. I then joined her as a financial advisor and it could have gone either way for a while - but in the end Exile #2 (and Exile #3) triumphed - as ever the game turning on a few lucky or unlucky turns of the dice.

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