Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 3.354: Packing it (in)

This week of family time is flying by and Monday with its return to normality will be upon us very soon. This afternoon, we realised that the snow was melting and that might mean it would be amenable to packing. It was - in places - and this was what we created.

The kids had other ideas, but Exile #2 and I called them "Snowman and Garfunkel"!

We also had a big snowball fight.

Exile #3 proved quite capable of getting covered in snow whether anyone was on target or not.

Exile #4 had a good line in hitting them out of the air with a small snow shovel.

And E5N1, having enjoyed the snowballs, surprised us all by wriggling through this snow bridge/tunnel arrangement that the girls had made yesterday.

I was even more surprised when first Exile #4 and then Exile #3 repeated his feat.

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