Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 5.361: The long non-night of the Seoul

We had a pretty good day in Seoul. We arrived in the city after the transfer from the airport around dawn. It was cold even by our standards and there was snow on the ground.

And so began our self-assigned mission to fill the day with enough stuff to allow us to stay awake until it was actually time to go to bed some 30 hours after we missed our last night in bed and 10 hours or so after we started missing the next one.

We had a full day. Here's one small episode. I went with one of the two colleagues who is here with me at the moment to a tiny cafe offering @"Coffee Wine Beer" with a handwritten sign with a mixture of English and Japanese- the English words were: "English" "Wi-fi" and "O.K."

We were really only swayed by "Coffee" and "O.K."

We had coffee and, for a body-clock-demanded snack, these dumplings. Then the lady single-handed serving, cooking and making drinks came over and talked to us, eventually pulling up a chair to chat. She is learning English (two years old at it) and was happy to have the chance to get some practice. She is learning from TV and email pen pals as far as we could gather and it's going rather well.

A very non business-travel encounter - hopefully there wi be more!

We managed to stay out until 6pm. I dozed while attempting to stay awake between then and 8pm then went to bed and slept until 6am. Mission accomplished!

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