Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 5.357: Running (in the snow) into 2013

I went running yesterday morning - my last run of 2012.  It was cold, the snow was blowing, the snow banks were high and road surfaces and sidewalks were both only partially clear.

I decided to use the sidewalks to get to the park and run on the roadways in there.  At least I knew that there would be little traffic to bother me.  I wore my Yaktrax for traction and made some great footprints as a result:

Here is my running log totals week-by-week for 2012:

It misses out my January 1st half-marathon because of the way the weeks fell.  After that, I just kept running as well as I could through the winter.  The first big dip was a series of minor injuries.  After that I got back on track, ran a 5 mile race and then decided to start training for a marathon.  My first ramp up of miles was a dry-run.  It led up to our big road-trip to North Carolina which was the basically-no-mile week in the middle of the year.  The next two 'bumps' are the main cycle of marathon training followed by taper weeks and then the race.  Since then, I've been trying to get back to a steady 20 miles a week or so - weather permitting.  Last week was a bit slack - but hey it was Christmas!

So there it is, my first full calendar year of running.  I don't have specific plans for 2013, but I definitely plan to be running - holding onto my fitness gains and weight-loss achievements and probably challenging myself to go a bit faster along the way.

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