Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 5.365: Nice bag, but I gave it up...

I went for a run this morning. Well, it was part run, part investigation of routes, part discovery of the iciness of the pathways.

I eventually found myself on a nice walk/run/cycle path along the river. It was before dawn, so I appreciated the lights closely spaced along the path. More surprising was the piped music. The most surreal moment had me running along a river in a small city in South Korea in the dark with Free Electric Band playing out in all its early 70's glory!

As the sun came up, it looked like this (one of those black dots at the bottom is a large mammal - probably a coypu):

Later in the day we ended up with this:

Would you like to guess where we were and what we were doing?!


  1. Well, I Googled 'Love for Women'. The women I found out about were apparently in Russia, and I hope you weren't doing what they were interested in ;-)


    1. You're a braver man than me! If I was doing what I think you're talking about me doing, I would probably resist the temptation to blog about it!

      The answer will come - any more guesses?


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