Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 6.005: Bedridden!

I was woken by my body at 5am. I won't go into details but two of the six of us who had dinner together missed a day of work. It was a pretty miserable day.

Early in the afternoon, the phone rang in my hotel room, they wanted to clean it, so I pulled some clothes on over my pyjamas and went downstairs. As the doors opene at the bottom I was surprised to see one of our hosts - coming to see how the two of us were doing. After some discussion he persuaded me to let him go to the pharmacy for some medicine for - checks translator on phone - looseness.

This is it. Each dose was a sachet containing two normal-looking tablets and a sachet containing lots of small brown balls. Couldn't help thinking the latter was some form of wishful thinking.


  1. Given the circumstances, I think you deserve the blogosphere's closest equivalent to the Purple Heart for posting today. And your quintessentially British diplomacy in this is truly something for us blunt Americans to aspire to. (No, that should have been "to which... to aspire." Darn it.)

    1. Well, due to my odd posting schedule, the heroic post was really the previous one - from my sick bed, but thank you - I will accept the plaudits and the appeal to my national pride while I'm so far from either of the places I could call home!


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