Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 6.013: My recipe for orange Gatorade slushy

On a hot day, a Gatorade slushy could be perfect...
  1. Mix 2 oz of orange Gatorade (refrigerated) and 2 oz of tap water.
  2. Place in a 6 oz (or larger) plastic bottle with a lid.
  3. Agitate constantly at an ambient temperature of 15°F or less for 40 minutes or more.
  4. Enjoy! 

Admittedly, if the weather is cold enough for your Gatorade to freeze in the bottle on your hydration belt while you're taking a run, it might be too cold for you to appreciate the slushy you made.

This was at the weekend.  I ran this morning (without carrying any liquid) when the temperature was right around 0°F.  They don't allow the kids to go outside at recess at these temperatures, but with my extra layer of fleece (trousers/pants, top and gloves) on top of my normal winter running gear, I actually was a bit warmer than I needed to be.  The only issue I had was when my head and therefore my hat got a bit sweaty, I ended up with a block of ice pressed against my ear!


  1. Impressive perseverance. I wonder: do you have a photo of the above mentioned block of pressed against your ear? N

    1. Do you think I would have kept it from you? I think it melted later on the run - certainly my ear had returned to normal temperature by the end!


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