Sunday, October 7, 2007

Day 270: Long distance fun

waiting to feel the sound

I can't remember the exact time, I think it was less a sudden event and more a gradual dawning that took hold through the hours of the morning. Perhaps it started before, maybe long before. Now that I think about it the inkling of it was with us for several days, gnawing and nagging at us - today we did not have enough time to do all the things we planned.

remember the dream

This morning we hosted our 'interim gathering' as our normal hosts are away on their first vacation as a couple. They've been married for 21 years. We had a great time. It was sad to see everyone go, except that we were throwing them out because we had 10 minutes to make a 40 minute journey to the next appointment.

letting in the sunshine

We made it out into the countryside to a birthday party for one of Exile #3's friends from last (academic) year at school. They have a beautiful old farmhouse and lots of land. We were late, arriving when our next appointment was starting. Anyway, it was a great party - the kids went on a major scavenger hunt (more of a treasure hunt with clues and goodies at each one - which they put in paper shopping bags as they went) which took them all through the woods on three sides of the house. The sun came out soon after we arrived and it was a beautiful afternoon. E5N1, Exile #4 and the two of us spent most of the time in the yard (pictured) while Exile #3 ran around with the party-goers.

the time you said goodbye

We waited until the festivities were complete (although we could have stayed longer) and left with about 30 minutes before the time we had told our final hosts to expect us. It was an hour drive away. We arrived safely just in time to eat and drink with some old friends and colleagues, let the children run around and wear everyone out and then left to drive home through the evening.

count to one hundred

It's pop pun 32 for title watchers. Plenty of clues above and - as a warning and an extra incentive for the nosey - it comes from an album released in the year of my birth.
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  1. Not very robust , these 70's prog rock bands were they?, but succinctly positive


  2. Tried googling "count to one hundred" and it comes up with Tatu. I'm guessing that's not right.

    I assume "A square's guide to Exiles in New York" will be out in all good book shops before Christmas?


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