Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 3.115: She's actual size!

So it all started with my friend and his birthday and 'The Boot' (should that be Das Boot?) at Wolff's Biergarten.

The next thing I realise that the person I vaguely recognise at the next table is local news reporter Britt Godshalk. Of course, having realised that I know her from TV, I quickly stopped staring. A lucky escape from seeming like the creepy guy at the bar.

Just then Kaitlyn Ross walked in - another reporter from our favourite local news station and one of my twitter contacts. This time I was feeling braver. Hi, I'm ...., I'm the_exile on twitter. She was very polite. I sat back down and tweeted, "Wow Kaitlyn Ross is really tall in real life - and cool of course!"

Later I found an excuse (my drunk post-boot friend) to say hello again:

At this point, although much more sober than my friend, the beer was talking for me, "Kaitlyn, should I tell Liz (Benjamin - Capital Tonight's anchor standing nearby) that I think she's doing a great job?

"Yes, you should totally tell her!"

So I tapped her on the shoulder (sorry to the people that she was probably having a sane conversation with), "Hi Liz, I'm one of Kaitlyn's tweeps!" I blurted.

"You're a creep?" she clarified.

Wow I hope not...

She was also very polite. She commented on my Samoan accent (she was joking) and we talked about Kaitlyn's brush with terrorism. Here are the TV stars together:

Your News Now indeed! She's actual size - but she seems much bigger to me!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!  Or whatever the German for that is!


  1. Good job you didn't go to Hooters - anything could have happened! ;-)


  2. It certainly would have been a very different evening I think!

  3. First of all I would have had to pay for that beer, second of all we would have left broke... :)

  4. that was FUNNY! thanks for that, I am laughing right now.


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