Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 3.118: Party, hard!

Outdoor parties are a high-risk occupation in almost any climate, but I suppose if you have one in early May, you have to be prepared for non-ideal conditions. In fact, the event we were at today has been a gloriously outdoor affair for the last two years. Today, they had gone all out and hired a band to play in the back yard for dancing. It was about 60°F and raining. No matter, there was an amazingly engineered tarpaulin an energetic band and a enthusiastic crowd - not least Exile #4!

In the end, the weather was kind enough to allow the tarpaulin to be dismantled. By the time we left the party, the sun was starting to come out and across town the tulip festival will have been getting into its stride.

I was just commiserating with myself about missing out on seeing OK Go there but remembering that their finest moments are on YouTube when I heard a rumble of thunder. A few seconds later we established that all the kids were back inside. Then it started to hail. For a five minutes or so it was wild, then it was over and the sun came back out.

E5N1 remarked, "It's like snow!"  Hard to disagree - maybe sometime I'll understand why we get ice falling from the sky in summer-time, but we still have snow in the forecast for high ground for tonight, so maybe it's not so strange for now.

I'm still sorry that I missed OK Go, but also glad that the party happened in manageable conditions and that we were safely under-cover when the storm came through.

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