Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 3.135: Crashing the Tweet-up

I was very sad to miss the April Albany Tweet-up as I was on my way down to Washington D.C. for the TransFORM conference. It looked like I would miss the May one too right up until I heard at 6.15pm that my plans had fallen through. So I dragged my friend J along on the basis that we could crash the party, or if not, we'd still be in a bar where we could have a beer and grab something to eat.

In the end I got to say a real-world hello to @cassiecramer and @derryX renew an acquaintance with @tcrpmg and @Dozenroses13 which was cool. In the end however, we found ourselves having a great time hanging with the late-staying remnant of the group:

@JayMarzian, @ndkelly29, @AllThingsEllie, @HockeyJoeGM and, yes that's me, @the_exile

Which made for a very nice evening indeed.  Thanks guys!

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