Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 4.099: Ice, falls and snowfalls

Yesterday we made the short trip to Niagara Falls NY. Apart from the border crossing when we went over to the Canadian side in Year 0, I hadn't visited there for nearly 20 years. While my parents (on their first visit) walked over the Rainbow Bridge to Ontario to see the classic views of the Horseshoe Falls, we investigated what the New York State Park can offer in April.

Plenty of ice for one thing.

As a result of that, there was no chance of a boat ride - the Maid of the Mist boats were safely pulled out of the ice-covered waters, but the observation deck built above the US-side dock provided stunning views (and strangers who inexplicably adopted E5N1 and Exile #4 for their self-portraits). The workmen were still building the wooden walkways for the Cave of the Winds visitors this summer but we were able to go down and see the view both the falls and the astonishingly large seagull nesting site from the parts they have completed to date.

We met back up for lunch and then, sheltering from the increasingly convincing snow, saw the movie in the State Park Visitor Center - well except for E5N1 who took the opportunity to sleep off the morning's exertions.

The day ended with a return trip to P.F. Chang's where our second-day-in-a-row attendance was noted by the management and rewarded with some complimentary desserts.

Considering the day threatened to be a wash-out we did rather well.

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