Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 225: Ah, Maid of This

So, joking aside, we had a great trip to Niagara Falls. We have been paying for it with varying levels of exhaustion today, but that's OK. It was a bit of a grey day. The visitors went shopping, we refilled the bird feeder and had a fairly lazy day. This evening I saw a furry creature on the deck and although I was able to give a good description of it: cat-sized, pointy nose, long hairless curl-able tail, I had no idea what it was. It turns out that North America has marsupials, who knew?

Anyway, back to the falls - we had the essential boat ride (on Maid of the Mist VI) to have a close encounter with them. Just before we were engulfed in the promised mist, I got this shot. After we returned we asked the young exiles what they made of the boat trip and below are their replies. But before I get there, while we're on a roll: pop pun 26 for title watchers and a possible caption for E5N1's picture: who am I to disagree?

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  1. Sweet Dreams are Maid of this??

    Keep your head up, moving on???

    Travel the world and seven seas (or rivers)???



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