Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 230: Insert dental joke here

It was my first car-pool day today as I gave the resident of Exile Central 0 a lift to and from work. Saving the planet one step at a time - well maybe not.

I recently saw a program "Cooking at Home" again on a local TV channel. It is presented by the wonderfully named Dan Eaton. It's like those jokes that were all the rage in the early 80s of made-up amusing book and author combinations. He even ends the show with what must be a nod to the pun: You're cooking at home, I'm Dan Eaton.

At our home, visiting rabbits and turkeys as well as being potential dinner ingredients have presumably done some growth-control for the grass in the 'yard', still, it had reached impressive lengths due to my neglect. The front (that I cut a week ago) needed doing, the back (that I didn't) really needed doing. I started the job with confidence, but by the time I finished it was, not to put too fine a point on it, dark. Hopefully tomorrow's light will reveal that I did at least a half decent job.

I wonder what the grazing visitors will make of it.
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  1. I liked the dental pun - especially as my wife just doesn't get it.


  2. Oh yes she does. A.


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