Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 224: Falls gold

So, did you guess right? We went to see a waterfall. Here we are at Taughannock Falls. It was a fantastically interesting walk, less than a mile up the gorge from the carpark. There is evidence and the odd photo along the way of the volume of water that comes down the gorge when the river is in flood.

We had a long drive home arriving just before midnight. We could have been earlier but had a very late and leisurely brunch and a nice relaxed (for the most part - E5N1 found it a bit noisy) meal at a Mexican restaurant in Ithaca this evening. Talking of Ithaca, it's all very classical in western New York with places called Syracuse, Corinth and Carthage, but also Ovid and Homer. My favourite moment of this was Exit 33 from the Thruway which is signposted Rome and Verona and also Vernon Hamilton (whoever he is - I wonder what it takes to get your name on a road-sign).

Of course, I should make it clear that the waterfall we went to yesterday was not this one, it was a somewhat smaller one (well shorter anyway). Here is a picture.
Which cheap trickery just leaves me with pop pun #25 for title watchers: I'm watching you sinking.
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  1. "The Marquis de Sade don't wear no boots like these" ??

    Who ARE these obscure Indie bands that you keep referencing??

  2. Obscure? Obscure??

    Clearly not a Madchester fan...


  3. Yes I was quite shocked by that accusation myself - I mean Blue Aeroplanes and Maximo Park may rate as obscure in some circles, but the 'Roses - surely not. Having said that, I never picked out the M de Sade lyric all through the 90's.

  4. Perhaps it was the floppy haircut and parka hood that obscured your hearing! ;-)


  5. To the_exile: it was meant to be ironic. How come you didn't get it?

  6. Must be 225 days in the US blunting my sense of irony - I need to get my "The Day Today" DVD out and recharge!


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