Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day 228: The wise men built...

...their towers on the rocks. Here is another picture from our road-trip. Just below Taughannock Falls people had picked up the plentiful small stones and medium sized rocks and built towers and other sculptures from them. It had an Andy Goldsworthy sort of look to it. I wonder who started it and whether it has occurred in previous seasons (the main flood of the river in spring must wipe away any trace of it).

Exile #2 spotted some evidence of construction at our house today, there are the remains of two (thankfully old) wasp nests under the eaves. In other insect news, Exile #4 found a dead cicada on our deck. It has a hole in its side, but whether that occurred before, during or after death is unknown. It's not as big as Day 191's surprise, but impressive (if a bit gross) none the less.

Our visitors leave tomorrow and I go back to work, but we've all had a nice holiday I think - I certainly have. Now starts another rush - back to school, my parents' visit, arrival at work of the remainder of the company's transferees.

But for now, back to the piles of stones. Exile #3 made a contribution entirely unprompted and unassisted. She was justifiably proud of it, although she might have carried on for some time if we had not decided that a meal and a 250 mile drive home were calling.
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  1. It's a whole thing, towers of rocks. People do it as a sort of meditation. I understand there are websites about it. Albaniana.


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