Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day 232: High - winds

Today's journey home from work became quite dramatic when one of our exciting summer thunderstorms blew through. I can't put my finger on what makes them unlike thunderstorms I've known in the past - is it the rate of rainfall, the gusting wind, the lightning, the way they all seem to suddenly start, or all of this? Somehow they manage to seem quite scary. Maybe I'm just getting old.

Here's another picture from Niagara. We rode on this 175 ft wheel which is situated on top of a hill and provides great views both down over the Vegas-like excesses of the town and across to the falls.

After coming off I found the information panel and was interested to find the wind-speed data. It reads as follows: Maximum wind speed (operating): 45 mph, Maximum wind speed (static): 80 mph. It begs the question - what would they do if the wind got up to 80 mph or was expected to exceed it? The can't exactly take it down, can they? Perhaps they just know to get well out of the way. It wasn't windy when we visited, but apparently there are sometimes some serious storms in the region, in fact today's journey home from work became quite dramatic when...
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