Saturday, August 18, 2007

Day 220: Wait wait, what is the key in?

Today's main outing was to Thacher Park, previously visited on Day 11 and Day 101. We decided to take it easy on ourselves by carrying Exile #4 in the backpack. Well, I say easy - not so much for the one carrying her (that would be me). Anyway, the walk was fun and ended up with a paddle at the same place (if not the same water temperature) as the Day 101 paddling.

It was when I tried to pull the keys out of my pocket to open the car when we got back that things took a turn for the worse. Well, to cut a long story short , my sister and I caught up with the keys near the end of a retracing of our steps. A family had found them and were hoping to reunite them with their owners in the parking lot.

This evening we mostly spent with some new friends of Exile #2's who since the move live just down the road. It was really nice, but E5N1 had a grumpy evening which took the edge of things - we suspect pain or illness - maybe teething? Watch this space.

So, it's Pop Pun 24 for title watchers: Woke up in my clothes again this morning (recycled).
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  1. "Woke up in my clothes" sounds like a Sting operation, but does "recycled" mean that someone else has done it? I can't find the key. Nigel.

  2. The Sting operation was only called in after the Police had first had an attempt. Those who know, know to wait - wait what key is it in? :-)


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