Friday, August 31, 2007

Day 233: Making plans

I spent the day at work planning a conference trip for later in the month. This week was one of contrasts - frustrating IT problems but some good meetings about plans for some of the new work we are here to do.

Our meal this evening was interrupted by a couple of visits from Exile #4 who, unlike her big sister, was not really tired enough at bedtime following a day-time nap. Later we heard her voice again. I went up to find her sitting on her bed and very surprised to see me:
Exile #4: What are you doing here Daddy?
Me: It's time to go to sleep now.
Exile #4: But I'm making up a story.
Me: That's nice, but you really need to get to sleep now.
Exile #4 (very earnestly): I think I'll finish telling the story in the morning.

After we had finished dinner this evening our thoughts and internet browsers turned towards planning a sightseeing trip with my parents at the weekend or the beginning of next week. I think we've got half a plan, but we need to have a look with a clear head tomorrow I think.

Talking of what we'll do in the morning, I have a mental image of Exile #4 waking with the dawn and picking up her story mid-sentence at the exact point where I interrupted it. It did seem very important.
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